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Hello there! My name is Jaspreet and I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

As a mother of two young children, I understand the need for rest and how important the role of sleep is in our daily lives. I’m on a mission to help sleepy mama’s and their families in getting the rest they truly need.

I work professionally as a Licensed Practical Nurse with Fraser Health where I hold an Educator position. I am currently on my second maternity leave and decided to enroll in the Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant program to further my knowledge on pediatric sleep and finding solutions to help other sleepy mamas get the rest they need. I  have been certified by the Little Dandelion Academy which is accredited by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. Completing the certification course that has accreditation adds quality to the sleep consulting field and also promotes a high standard of practice.

My interest in sleep began when my daughter was around 2 months old. She struggled with acid reflux which made bedtime a challenge. I would spend hours soothing her to sleep, constantly worried about my own rest. Questions about having enough energy for daily activities lingered in my mind. Will I be rested enough to go to the gym? Will I have the energy to spend time with my family or friends?

Desperate for solutions, I delved into online searches while also completing an infant course to understand baby sleep science. After managing her acid reflux, I applied the tips from the course and had my daughter settled into a bedtime routine within three months, waking only for a single night feed. Experiencing longer sleep periods brought me incredible relief, leaving me feeling refreshed each day. At around 9-10 months, she consistently slept through the night, a routine that was occasionally disrupted only by illness or regressions.

Being someone who thrives on routine, having an early-established schedule was a game-changer for me and my family.

Now my goal is to help other sleepy mamas and their families in achieving restful sleep and establishing predictable routines. Say goodbye to sleep deprivation and welcome a new chapter where you can cherish precious moments without feeling overwhelmed and constant fatigue. Let me guide you in setting a healthy sleep foundation for your little one.


Positive review from MOMs

I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible support I received from our sleep consultant. Since implementing the personalized sleep plan, our little one is sleeping through the night consistently. The positive impact on our family's well-being is undeniable. Thank you for helping us achieve the sleep harmony we desperately needed.
Jane Smith
Our sleep consultant is truly a miracle worker! With patience, expertise, and a customized plan, they transformed our bedtime struggles into peaceful nights. I never thought our child could sleep so soundly. I highly recommend their services to any parent in need of a good night's sleep.
Alma Steve
Working with our sleep consultant was an empowering experience. The knowledge and tools provided equipped us to tackle our child's sleep challenges with confidence. The results were almost immediate, and the newfound sleep routine has made a positive difference in our daily lives. Grateful for the life-changing assistance!
Lane & Amanda
Choosing a sleep consultant was the best decision for our family. The expert guidance provided not only improved our child's sleep but also brought joy and peace back into our home. The personalized approach made all the difference, and we're now a well-rested and happier family. Thank you for your invaluable help!
Ortize Jane


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